Ken and Sheila


Ken and his wife, Sheila, have been in ministry for over  27 years and bring a diversity of experience to the local  church. They've led small and large churches and even  took the plunge twice and planted two churches - one in  Chicago, Illinois and now here in Orlando, Florida. Ken  understands the challenges that church leaders face. This  makes him a great coach for pastors. He currently serves  the Florida Church of God State ministries as state pastor. Sheila's been a  partner with Ken as they've endeavored to help people  experience the reality of God's heart for them. They have a daughter and son-in-law and two grandchildren.




Phil and his wife, Janann, began their ministry in  Lakeland, Fl, as youth pastors. It wasn't too long before  they began to feel God's tug on their hearts to explore  church planting. So, when talks began to plant a new  church in Orlando, they were ready and willing to follow  God's call to help birth GraceRiver. Phil believes God  intended us to live in community and so he has dedicated  his life to helping others move away from loneliness and  into connection. He and Janann also have a passion for  worship and take seriously leading us to experience God's  heart during our times of corporate worship. They have  three boys - Caden, Gabe, and Blake.